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Asia Pacific Centre for Manufacturing Excellence

The Asia Pacific Centre for Manufacturing Excellence (APCME) is a new and unique concept that serves China 's manufacturing industry and international importers. APCME offers specialized training to students and factories on topics facilitating the export success of China 's factories in international markets. APCME also offers priceless networking opportunities with the world's leading retailers.

Today, factories in China have an unprecedented opportunity to conduct business directly with major international retailers, while increasing numbers of international major retailers are locating their Asian headquarters and buying offices in China . In 2003, the total import and export value reached over U$851 billion, ranking fourth in the world.

APCME is well supported by top industry relations, Canadian and Chinese government, manufacturing associations and academic institutions. Only by understanding the perspective of international buyers will Chinese factories be successful in the export business. Expectations on a wide range of issues – including quality control, social compliance, factory layout, documentation and more - are often the key to successful business relationships.

The APCME training centre is headquartered in the newly renovated Professional Development Centre at the prestigious Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade (SIFT). The school is conveniently located in downtown Shanghai , Hongqiao Economic District. As a leading institution of higher education in Shanghai , SIFT is internationally recognized for its professional training standards and high quality of graduates.

APCME is a culmination of expertise between the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, Canada 's award-winning Douglas College and international holding company Levco Holdings Ltd.

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