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Quality Intelligence Services Ltd. (QIS)

Another key company in Levco's Service sector is Quality Intelligence Services Ltd. (QIS). QIS is responsible for brand and intellectual property protection, due diligence, risk management, anti-corruption and physical security services. QIS is headquartered in HongKong and services clients around the world. QIS has partnered with major security providers in USA , UK , China , Thailand , Singapore , Philippines , and more to provide seamless international strategic and tactical operations.

The goal of QIS is to be a premier security and risk management consultancy in the Asian region and beyond. Most importantly, QIS provides professional cost effective services to our clients. 


QIS is owned and managed by people who know the industry, who care about their work, and above all else, care about the product they provide. We understand and respect clients and the sensitive information they need. We also understand that to earn trust we must have integrity and confidentiality. Everything we do is designed to develop and retain a client's trust, that's why we have developed a network of full time, trained professional people to work with us to reduce the need for subcontracted resources.

QIS services include: 

•  Business Integrity & Litigation Support Programmes 
•  Workplace Compliance Programmes 
•  Brand Protection Solutions 
•  Crisis Management 
•  Technology Risk Assessment & Solutions 
•  Global Intelligence 
•  Corruption Awareness Programmes 
•  Personal & Event Security Solutions 
•  Security Audit Programmes 
•  Due Diligence Investigations 
•  Computer Forensic& Data Reconstruction 
•  Insurance Fraud Investigations 
•  Background & Asset Tracing Investigations 


A significant influence upon QIS's sister company Quality Control Services, Ltd. (QCS) business has been the heightened global awareness of the threat of terrorism and international organized crime. As such QCS clients are increasingly requiring the company to strengthen the security aspects of the audit and factory inspection process. As a result Quality Intelligence Services (QIS) was established in early 2004 to service this ever-increasing specialized need.

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