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Quality Control Services (Holdings) Ltd.

Levco Holdings Ltd. is at the forefront of ensuring quality for the Chinese manufacturing and international retail industries, primarily through its subsidiary, Quality Control Services (Holdings) Ltd. (QCS).

For over a decade, QCS has been involved in the quality control inspections, audits, training, and factory evaluations of consumer goods for major North American and European retailers. QCS ensures that consumer products manufactured and sourced internationally are of proper standards and qualifications required by North American and European retailers. QCS concentrates on a wide range of quality control activities essential to the consumer goods manufacturing industry, specializing in products ranging from watches and clocks to jewelry, toys, electronics, furnishings, hardware, software, footwear, garments, apparels and other consumer goods.

QCS is committed to exceeding customer expectations by providing exceptional and personalized service, with inspections completed on an AQL or 100% basis. QCS also provides complete Social Compliance, Factory Evaluations and C-TPAT audits for its importer clients. The C-TPAT (Commerce-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) program is administered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and allows voluntary participation by American importers in return for expedited treatment for clearing customs in the United States .

Our inspection and audit teams travel the world for our clients, and our offices are strategically located to ensure efficient management in communication, coordination and scheduling of inspections and audits for our clients.

QCS headquarters is located in HongKong, with offices across China , Asia Pacific and North America .

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