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Technology is rapidly changing the way we interact, understand and influence. We provide solutions, expertise and effective methodologies enabling our clients to deliver exceptional value and outpace their competition.

Daval Group Ltd . provides IT solutions for small to medium size companies in Hong Kong and PRC by offering end-to-end, innovative and added value IT products. With professionalism and commitment, we work with our clients to achieve full benefits of IT solutions to meet the challenges of ever-changing business needs, and effectively capture the potential and opportunities of the ever-changing dynamic business environment.


Inetasia Solutions Ltd . is a leading Asian independent software development company with a strong commitment to solving business problems using the Internet, web-based applications, and information technologies. Inetasia has captured a critical mass of users with proprietary software enabling all types of businesses to cost-effectively define how to manage and disseminate information. Inetasia is a collaborative solution that streamlines business process and brings the workplace online!

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